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There's nothing special or extraordinary about us. We aren't serial entrepreneurs. We are 6 guys all with different talents and experiences; teachers, a lawyer, a sales man, a finance guy an IT Geek (complete with a rather cliche pony-tail!). We all still have day jobs (the stuff the pays the bills). We work on Giggit in the evenings (often early mornings) and at weekends, whenever we can.

The only difference between us and a lot of other people with an idea is we decided just to give it a go. We all took a weeks holiday from work and spent that time designing and building Giggit, and we didn't let the fact we had no money hold us back.

We don't have a business plan. Giggit has no employees and at this point we have no idea how we make money. For us it was all about starting something we believed in and seeing what it leads to.


Giggit started as an idea...and a challenge. It was born from a conversation in a bar in 2012. Six guys who have known each other for over 20 years made the decision that life would be more interesting if we could work together in our own business. But what?

The idea came from working with a bunch of talented and passionate people with their own great ideas for starting a business, and endless enthusiasm. In developing their ideas they all had two problems – lack of money and lack of knowledge. But it didn't hold them back. They all found smarter ways of working, organising themselves into networks and sharing knowledge. They used creativity and collaboration to overcome the need for capital. Now imagine that on a global scale – that's Giggit.

The challenge was to take our idea and, working in our own time, launch a brand without spending any money. If we could do this, then we could prove anyone can start a business.

So with no money and no clue how to go about building a web site we started Gigging - we got out there and met other Giggers (spare time entrepreneurs), all with great ideas and different talents; lawyers, marketers, web site programmers, designers etc. We helped them, they helped us and pretty soon we had a network of people all helping each other.

Then in 2014, Giggit was born. We still haven't spent any money, we are saving it for a party!


Less than 1% of ideas see the light of day. Time for change...

Giggit is not for telling people you have just defrosted the car [go here for that [facebook]] its not about the day job and rubbing shoulders with executives from Fortune 500 Companies as you hob-nob your way up the career ladder [go here for that [linkedin]]. Its not about about listening to people telling you "how I made it". We're not building Giggit for big corporate business. No, for us the action and fun is down the other end.

Giggit is for anyone with an idea and a dream, and our aim is to create a channel where anyone can develop their ideas, have fun and be successful. Gigging is about sharing knowledge and collaborating with other people and building your own profile in the Giggit community. Its a network that alive with activity people acquiring and sharing knowledge in every sector and every way. Its living and breathing!

Inside you will find people at all stages, from just starting out to running successful and established businesses. You will find answers to questions. Its not about mass communication is about individual communication on mass.


Why not?

Lots of people have an idea and think about starting a business but very few do. There is no way to be successful unless you start. Thinking about starting is no good. Hesitate and you lose, the world moves forward without you.

Giggit is about starting. This is not some polished blurb written by an expensive copyrighter in a nice warm comfy office. It is written by me, its 01.48 in the morning. Its not perfect but then we don't have time to wait for perfection.

In Giggit everyone has a common purpose – we all have a desire and determination to develop our own ideas, and something to contribute to others.

Look around you, more and more people are doing things for themselves – we are all dreaming of being our own boss, after all, why make someone else rich – right?!


Giggit has a flip side

Giggit also has a flip side: you can help people, whether it is in what you do day to day or some other capacity. You have skills, knowledge

In the 'ordinary' economy we all have a business profile which is controlled by a Company (who we are, what we do, how we do it). In the Giggeconomy we take control of our own profile – we are all CEO's of ME INC. We all have many faces, marketer, lawyer, dad, business man...


There are no rules - pretty much anything that has value either for yourself or for other people in businesses. An idea could simply be a suggestion, comment or feedback on a business, product or service. Why just email one business when you could tell hundreds (and then see which one does something about it).

The great news is you don't need a special talent to have a great idea. No one has a monopoly on creativity, ideas can come from anyone, anywhere at anytime about anything. Of course if you have just discovered a cure for cancer then you are probably on to a winner.


In Giggit, creativity and collaboration will get you further than capital.

The reality is we live in an ideas economy, ideas are what every business needs to thrive. Ideas are free and everyone has them – it doesn't require a special talent. So why then isn't everyone a successful entrepreneur, working for themselves? As any self professed business guru will tell you having an idea is the easy part but starting a business, well that a different ball game; marketing, finance, legals, patents blah blah blah.

Its all about acquiring knowledge and in the traditional economy you need money to buy knowledge.

Not in the Gigg economy. We know that it is people that hold this knowledge (not companies) Now what if you could share this knowledge. What if you could build an exchange where all these people can collaborate and knowledge is acquired through participation (what's an NDA? Where can I find one?). Welcome to Giggit!


We don't! Well at least not yet (which is just as well as we haven't figured this bit out). The great news is that because we haven't spent thousands on web designers, programmers, lawyers, marketers etc we don't have the distraction of needing to make money. All of us at Giggit have 'day jobs' – stuff that pays the bills.

We aren't looking for investment. We don't have a polished business plan detailing how we will revolutionise the world of business ready for the next investor forum. Thats not to say we aren't ambitious, we know what we want to do and what we want to achieve, its just we don't see a need for lots of money to get there.


Giggit is about ideas...your ideas, and we need them to help build Giggit. More than anything it will be your ideas and feedback that will help us develop and grow Giggit

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